naked people with words

everything sounds better when you're naked


i kinda want an undercut lol but i’d never get it. ‘cause it would be really awkward when you let it grow out when you get bored of it.

i have one, it’s kind of like a mohawk. i grew it out for a while and it really wasn’t that awkward at all. just make sure you have long enough hair on top to cover it.

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Dear tumblr community

Please stop reblogging things involving cute couples for a few weeks. It’s making me want destroy beautiful things. Thanks. :]
I will be posting more naked people with words ASAP.

soundecember asked: Pride and slothhh

Pride: Something that I like about myself.

i like how good i am to my friends. i don’t mean to talk myself up, but if you are my friend or even if i like you a little bit, i’ll give you the shirt off my back. and shoes.

Sloth: Something that I dislike about myself.

i hate how socially awkward i am! :[ it makes talking to new people really hard, and flirting absolutely impossible.